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Building teams for early-stage founders: that’s Remarkable


The REMARKABLE team are a group of senior consultants and entrepreneurs who are very excited to go with you on your startup journey. We choose to work with the best in a field, and are uniquely positioned to work on startup launches for a variety of reasons:

  • We’re familiar with launching multi-channel projects, startups and innovative products in competitive environments.
  • Most of our members have either founded other teams, or personally invest in similar startups, meaning we understand what it really takes for a team to support a busy founder.
  • We make money the same way our clients/partners do: Our engagements and compensation are most often matched to how the startup team is compensated or supported, and thus have the right incentives to pursue launch goals with the correct timing, effort, and focus needed to succeed.


We will work hand in hand to create the launch strategy, build up the materials needed to support the plan, and drive both the initial sales push, and long-lasting business partnerships. We will lead and be responsible for sales and revenue growth while guiding the team’s creative and innovative expansion.

We work in sprints towards a long-term cohesive plan. After initial strategy meetings to craft details and schedules, our partners and support team quickly build a day-to-day and weekly strategy of communication. Whether it be key tasks of the week, such as what social media content is going live, which media opportunities to complete, upcoming design/print deadlines, online or in-person events, sales leads & revenue updates, etc… all tactics are brought together into one place, giving start-up teams the support they need, and the founders, the opportunity to grow with a team for the long-term.

Areas we’re currently working in this quarter:

  • Start-up launch in retail automation 
  • Various projects in Food & Beverage
  • B2B sales & marketing launch in retail tech


Strategy & Coaching services we offer:

  • Sales team & leadership development
  • Sales material writing & coaching 
  • Media & Advertising (digital+traditional)
  • Mastermind group development
  • Executive social media networking 


Tell us what you need help with and we can find the right team or service providers for you right away. 






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